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Today I got into an argument with my Aunt because she was upset that her daughter was dating a girl so I said

"Do you really think you should fall in love with someone’s genitals over their soul? Because that’s shallow and sad"

And my 75 year old grandmother who was sitting in her rocking chair, and who hasn’t said a word for the past hour screamed “OH BURN” and hit my aunt with a fly swatter

image My gramma is a special lady okay.

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when your friend does something embarrassing in public


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theresa manchester
[ Illusions of the Body ]
Photographer: Gracie Hagen

Yay! I was super lucky to get to work Theresa & double yay, she is going to be in the book! Along with 41 other people, 17 of them never before seen! 
Go to to order a copy 
or come out to the Official Launch Party April 26th at 8pm (2301 W. North Ave, Chicago IL) where the artist & some of the models will be hanging out!